At BiP Solutions we’ve drawn on 35 years’ procurement and public sector marketing experience to bring you our brand new platform, ‘Promitto’.

Promitto is your passport to effective email marketing. In a competitive marketplace, it's essential that you connect with the right people – so why not start with the public sector and make the most of the £284Bn opportunity? With access to 300,000 key decision maker contacts, our unified private and public sector database will put you in the picture. The data is there for the taking!

With Promitto, you’ll be able to identify the right audience, create engaging email campaigns and receive granular reporting to ensure you’re campaigning effectively. For those in need of a little guidance, our resource section will provide useful hints, tips and ‘how to’ articles to help guide you along your own marketing journey.

Ultimately, our aim is to give you the best possible opportunity to engage with those all-important decision makers.

Discover our Database

If you are looking for public sector contacts, Promitto gives you access to over 160,000 key decision makers in a format that can easily be broken down into a series of readily identifiable groups. The same can be said of the 140,000 private sector contacts available across a variety of sectors and job roles within organisations mid-size and above. B2B email marketing has never been easier.

In fact, all our data can be segmented by sector, job function and region – to mention just a few criteria. We’re able to give you insight into the kinds of organisation that are likely to respond best to your next campaign, and our public sector mailing lists only contain decision makers and stakeholders, meaning we put you in touch with the people looking to do business with you.

Whatever your audience requirements, we’re certain our data will enable you to target the right individuals to take your business forward.

About BiP Solutions

Promitto is only the latest in a series of initiatives from BiP Solutions (BiP), all of which are designed to put our clients at the forefront of public and private sector marketing and engagement.

In fact, BiP’s offering goes beyond even that. Whether we’re providing market intelligence and analytics to suppliers in support of effective tendering, offering consultancy services that connect governments or delivering procurement training to help you at every stage of your journey, BiP sits at the centre of the buyer and supplier relationship.

It’s no surprise that more than 5,000 public sector organisations and 250,000 UK suppliers now rely on BiP’s brands to do business. So the next time you’re eager to engage with the NHS database or benefit from business to business email marketing, BiP has your back.